Michelle Obama Rocks Venue One

by trueproductions on July 21, 2016 No comments

Kenmare Catering gets tapped for the Michelle Obama rally at Venue One on Tuesday June 26, 2012. The rally was for the Generation 44 event with over 300 guests and 75 VIPs. Michelle was inspirational, the crowd was pumped and the food and drink were flowing. Kenmare designed exotic bites especially for Michelle, and they all had a health twist, embracing her eat right initiative. Guests sampled Mexican Blue Shrimp with smoked tomato gastrique, anchovy “salt” and ruby radish pickle, an amazing Grilled Beet Slider (totally vegan) with yellow beet “cheese”, onion caramel, and green goddess, and the homey  Bliss Potatoes stuffed with grilled turkey meatloaf, summer pea puree, and purple carrot. Michelle and guests were THRILLED!


trueproductionsMichelle Obama Rocks Venue One

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