Kenmare Joins Beyond Green

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Food service consulting specializing in sustainability

To organizations seeking value-driven change through food service solutions, Beyond Green is a food service consulting team specializing in sustainability. We offer customizable and measurable strategies addressing the ecosystem of food service and provide third-party monitoring to support progress.

Authentic processes yield authentic results

Three adjectives characterize what we do: holistic, customizable, third-party monitored.

Benefits to your organization

  • Wholesome, improved food
  • Tracking systems which show more specifically where $ is going
  • Lowered environmental impact (water, energy, waste, locality) and expenses
  • Clear data for use in internal & external communications
  • Improved organizational culture: pride, ethos and connectedness
  • Achievement of standard green certifications: HealthierUS School Challenge, Green Restaurant Association, Green Seal, APEX standards, LEED
  • Our CASE STUDIES speak for themselves!

trueproductionsKenmare Joins Beyond Green

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