Kenmare is now Members of Safe Harbor Foods

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Safe Harbor® Certified Seafood safety testing & certification

Mercury fish testing,mercury testing standards,safe fish certificationThe trend in consumer demand for healthier products is clear, and study after study shows how healthy seafood can be relative to other types of foods–it’s low in saturated fat, high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids and chock full of important vitamins and minerals. And not only is seafood good for you, it’s a delicious and versatile choice for any occasion.

Recently consumer confidence in seafood has been diminishing primarily due to concerns about food safety. The growing list of real and perceived threats to seafood safety represents an unprecedented challenge to seafood consumers and the seafood industry. A growing concern for consumers and seafood producers, processors and distributors is the question “how do I address these threats to seafood safety?”

The answer is simple: Safe Harbor Certification!

Using an inexpensive and reliable testing process, Safe Harbor ensures the seafood bearing our lighthouse seal has been tested for the most pressing food-borne impurities found in seafood. The result is the most comprehensive 3rd party seafood safety verification program ever created.

By removing uncertainty, Safe Harbor Certification restores consumer confidence in seafood–Safe Harbor is Seafood with Confidence®!

trueproductionsKenmare is now Members of Safe Harbor Foods

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